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How to consider the specifications and types of magnets

When choosing NdFeB magnets, customers should choose the magnet trademark suitable for them according to their working temperature. If the working temperature is higher than the...

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Schematic diagram of strong magnetic pulling force of neodymium iron boron

Many customers have called or contacted our magnet manufacturer through QQ, but since they themselves do not know what specifications and performance of material magnets they need, they directly ask, 'What size of magnet is required to lift multiple and multiple items?'?The magnetic force requirements for magnets vary in different fields and product designs. What the editor wants to say is that the suction force of a magnet is not only related to the size of the magnet, but also to the direction in which the object is attracted,The thicker the iron plate, the greater the suction force, the larger the contact area, and the greater the suction force. The vertical direction is the maximum pulling force direction, and the horizontal direction is the minimum pulling force direction. Therefore, we often translate and push the magnets that are adsorbed together.



The main differences between the vertical and horizontal pulling forces of magnets are as follows

1. Vertical tension refers to the attraction or attraction force of a magnet in the vertical direction, while horizontal tension refers to the attraction force of a magnet in the horizontal direction.2. In the absence of external forces, the maximum vertical pulling force of the magnet is greater than the maximum horizontal pulling force, because gravity enhances the vertical attraction.3. The vertical tensile force rapidly decays as the distance between the magnet and the object increases, but the attenuation of the horizontal tensile force is slower.4. The vertical pulling force is more dependent on the magnetic properties of the magnet itself, while the horizontal pulling force is also related to the magnetic circuit design in addition to the magnetic properties.5. Horizontal tension can continue to transmit motion through mechanism design, but vertical tension can only generate static attraction.6. In a motion system, vertical suction is often used first to obtain fastening, and th



Distance between magnetic switch magnet and reed tube?

It is similar to Hall elements, but its principle and properties are different. It is a switch element that uses magnetic field signals to control, without magnetic disconnection, and can be used to detect the state of circuits or mechanical movements. Another type of magnetic switch is the proximity switch, door magnetic switch, or sensing switch in the market. It has a mold and is a standard size plastic shell, Seal the reed tube in a black shell and lead the wire out. Fix the other half of the plastic shell with a magnet on the other end. When the magnet approaches the switch with the wire, it sends a switch signal, which is usually connected at a distance of 10mm.Another type of magnetic switch is to set one or more magnetic spring switches inside a closed metal or plastic tube, and then run the tube through one or more hollow floating balls with ring shaped magnets inside. The fixed ring is used to control the floating ball and magnetic spring switch in relevant positions, making



What are the factors that affect the magnetic force of a circular magnet?

Magnets are becoming more and more widely used in today's social life. Whether in life or work, we sometimes come into contact with magnets. The development of magnets is so good mainly because they have a wide range of applications. However, we should not only see one side of their halo, but also explore their different aspects. Magnets have some differences, So we should pay attention to these aspects of magnets.Let's start by saying that circular magnets cannot be used in some cases due to their different shapes. This is due to their own reasons, and we cannot change them. However, in some places, they have similarities with other magnets. So what factors are affecting their magnetic performance? The first factor is environmental factors. As circular magnets are mainly presented in a circular shape in front of us, there are certain differences for some special environments. In addition, there is a temperature factor. If the magnet encounters high temperatures, corrosion will



Selection of suction cup type electromagnets

Power JourneyThe stroke refers to the distance between the sliding rod position of the electromagnet and the fully engaged position, and the electromagnet will generate different forces at different strokes; Generally, the smaller the stroke, the greater the force.response timeThe time from the electrification of the electromagnetic iron to the end of the expected displacement of the sliding rod.Cyclic loadCycle load=[power on time/(power on time+power off time)] × 100. Electrification of an electromagnetic iron generates heat, so the periodic negative core and the longest electrification time determine the temperature rise of the electromagnet. The temperature rise of the electromagnet and the ambient temperature determine the selection of the insulation level of the electromagnetDiode rectificationIf the electromagnet uses an AC power source, a rectifier needs to be used to convert AC to DC; The rectifier should be designed as a full band rectifier in principle. The peak conversion v



Suction cup electromagnet

Sucker type electromagnet, also known as lifting electromagnet, is a new type of practical magnetic lifting equipment with strong practicality; When lifting and transporting materials, there is no need to bundle or handle scattered materials, so it is also known as a bulk lifting electromagnet, which is very suitable for lifting and transporting scattered scrap steel, waste, etc.The suction cup type electromagnet is based on the principle of electromagnetic conversion, generating strong electromagnetic attraction in the energized state to control the forward or stop state of the object. The electromagnet has a reasonable and compact structure, with the coil placed in a soft magnetic material shell and sealed with epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of small volume, high suction, firmness, reliability, full sealing, and strong environmental adaptability. This series of electromagnets can be remotely operated, with simple and sensitive actions, and stable and reliable functions.It ca


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