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Schematic diagram of strong magnetic pulling force of neodymium iron boron

Time:2023-09-05 Views:1

Many customers have called or contacted our magnet manufacturer through QQ, but since they themselves do not know what specifications and performance of material magnets they need, they directly ask, 'What size of magnet is required to lift multiple and multiple items?'?

The magnetic force requirements for magnets vary in different fields and product designs. What the editor wants to say is that the suction force of a magnet is not only related to the size of the magnet, but also to the direction in which the object is attracted,

The thicker the iron plate, the greater the suction force, the larger the contact area, and the greater the suction force. The vertical direction is the maximum pulling force direction, and the horizontal direction is the minimum pulling force direction. Therefore, we often translate and push the magnets that are adsorbed together.