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Suction cup electromagnet

Time:2023-07-26 Views:1

Sucker type electromagnet, also known as lifting electromagnet, is a new type of practical magnetic lifting equipment with strong practicality; When lifting and transporting materials, there is no need to bundle or handle scattered materials, so it is also known as a bulk lifting electromagnet, which is very suitable for lifting and transporting scattered scrap steel, waste, etc.

The suction cup type electromagnet is based on the principle of electromagnetic conversion, generating strong electromagnetic attraction in the energized state to control the forward or stop state of the object. The electromagnet has a reasonable and compact structure, with the coil placed in a soft magnetic material shell and sealed with epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of small volume, high suction, firmness, reliability, full sealing, and strong environmental adaptability. This series of electromagnets can be remotely operated, with simple and sensitive actions, and stable and reliable functions.

It can be widely used as a conveying control component for materials or products on automated production lines, and also has applications in robotic arms, food machinery, medical machinery, and automation control systems. It can be used to suck and lift cast iron ingots, steel balls, pig iron blocks, machining chips, various miscellaneous iron, recycled materials, cutting heads, packaging scrap steel, etc. in the foundry. It has almost all special purpose suction cup electromagnets of normal temperature type, high temperature type, strong magnetic type, etc.