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The main differences between the vertical and horizontal pulling forces of magnets are as follows

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1. Vertical tension refers to the attraction or attraction force of a magnet in the vertical direction, while horizontal tension refers to the attraction force of a magnet in the horizontal direction.

2. In the absence of external forces, the maximum vertical pulling force of the magnet is greater than the maximum horizontal pulling force, because gravity enhances the vertical attraction.

3. The vertical tensile force rapidly decays as the distance between the magnet and the object increases, but the attenuation of the horizontal tensile force is slower.

4. The vertical pulling force is more dependent on the magnetic properties of the magnet itself, while the horizontal pulling force is also related to the magnetic circuit design in addition to the magnetic properties.

5. Horizontal tension can continue to transmit motion through mechanism design, but vertical tension can only generate static attraction.

6. In a motion system, vertical suction is often used first to obtain fastening, and then horizontal tension is used to transmit motion.

7. Measuring vertical tension is simple, but measuring horizontal tension requires special equipment or conditions.

8. In terms of usage, the two are more synergistic than antagonistic.