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Distance between magnetic switch magnet and reed tube?

Time:2023-09-05 Views:1

It is similar to Hall elements, but its principle and properties are different. It is a switch element that uses magnetic field signals to control, without magnetic disconnection, and can be used to detect the state of circuits or mechanical movements. Another type of magnetic switch is the proximity switch, door magnetic switch, or sensing switch in the market. It has a mold and is a standard size plastic shell, Seal the reed tube in a black shell and lead the wire out. Fix the other half of the plastic shell with a magnet on the other end. When the magnet approaches the switch with the wire, it sends a switch signal, which is usually connected at a distance of 10mm.

Another type of magnetic switch is to set one or more magnetic spring switches inside a closed metal or plastic tube, and then run the tube through one or more hollow floating balls with ring shaped magnets inside. The fixed ring is used to control the floating ball and magnetic spring switch in relevant positions, making the floating ball float up and down within a certain range. Use the magnet inside the floating ball to attract the contact of the magnetic spring switch, generating open and close actions.