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Selection of suction cup type electromagnets

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Power Journey

The stroke refers to the distance between the sliding rod position of the electromagnet and the fully engaged position, and the electromagnet will generate different forces at different strokes; Generally, the smaller the stroke, the greater the force.

response time

The time from the electrification of the electromagnetic iron to the end of the expected displacement of the sliding rod.

Cyclic load

Cycle load=[power on time/(power on time+power off time)] × 100. Electrification of an electromagnetic iron generates heat, so the periodic negative core and the longest electrification time determine the temperature rise of the electromagnet. The temperature rise of the electromagnet and the ambient temperature determine the selection of the insulation level of the electromagnet

Diode rectification

If the electromagnet uses an AC power source, a rectifier needs to be used to convert AC to DC; The rectifier should be designed as a full band rectifier in principle. The peak conversion voltage of the rectifier components should be three times the driving voltage of the electromagnet

Environment and lifespan

Environmental conditions and expected lifespan are important considerations for using different materials or protective treatments for electromagnets;

Environmental factors include temperature, humidity, magnetic field, electric field, corrosive gases, vibration, and shock.