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Why permanent magnet motors are becoming increasingly popular

The latest achievements in high-energy permanent magnet materials, strong magnetic materials, and power electronics technology have greatly promoted the application fields of permanent magnet motors, such as robots, aerospace, electric tools, generators, new energy, various medical equipment, and electric or hybrid vehicles... etc. Permanent magnet motors are everywhere, and without exception, they demonstrate the fact that permanent magnet motors have many advantages over traditional motors such as brushed commutation DC motors, synchronous motors, and induction (asynchronous) motors.(1) The copper loss of the rotor is zero, resulting in higher natural efficiency;(2) High driving torque and output power per unit volume make compact design solutions possible;(3) Eliminating slip rings, phase converters, carbon brushes, etc. simplifies motor structure and maintenance;(4) The air gap magnetic flux density is relatively high compared to traditional motors, resulting in better dynamic perf



Analysis of the current neodymium iron boron market

Although there are technical and financial barriers to the production of raw materials for neodymium iron boron, the single processing and production of rough magnets has low technical requirements, low costs, and low thresholds. This makes neodymium iron boron magnet factories very common in the manufacturing city of the Pearl River Delta. Along with small workshops for accessory processing of magnet products, Dongguan neodymium iron boron strong magnet factories are rampant. During the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there were still only a few countries competing for supremacy, and even the well-known Three Kingdoms period was limited to the Three Kingdoms. However, the processing factories in the neodymium iron boron industry were even more chaotic than the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.The market has its own law of conservation. When the supply of a product in an industry exceeds the demand, it will inevitably lead to malicious competition among in



How to control the product quality of neodymium iron boron permanent magnets well

Neodymium iron boron permanent magnet, also known as modern industrial monosodium glutamate, as a high-performance magnetic material in modern industry, promotes the progress of contemporary technology and society, and is widely used in various fields. How to judge the advantages of permanent magnet products: first, magnetic performance; 2、 The size of the magnet; 3、 Surface coating.1、 Magnetic propertiesFirstly, the key to the decision is to control the magnetic properties of the raw materials used in the production process.1. According to the national standards for purchasing raw materials, our company only sells neodymium iron boron sintered according to business needs, medium or low-grade.2. The advancement of production technology also determines the performance and quality of magnets.3. Quality monitoring during the production process is important.2、 Shape, size, and tolerance values of magnetsUtilize various shapes of neodymium iron boron magnets, such as circular, irregular, sq



How magnetic components can benefit from chips

According to the 2022 China Automobile Production and Sales Data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as "CAAM"). The data shows that the production and sales of automobiles in the first quarter were significantly affected by the epidemic; But in the second quarter, with the effective control of the epidemic situation and the promotion of national policies, the automobile market gradually recovered from April, and monthly sales continued to grow year-on-year. As of December, automobile production and sales have shown growth for nine consecutive months.At the press conference, Chen Shihua, the deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Association, said that through the cultivation of the entire industrial chain of new energy vehicles over the years, each link has gradually matured, and the rich and diversified new energy vehicle products continue to meet market demand, and the use environment is gradually optimized and improved. U



The index that determines the performance of a magnet

Residual magnetism (Br), magnetic induced coercivity (Hcb), intrinsic coercivity (Hcj), large magnetic energy product (BH), maximum operating temperature.1、 Residual magnetism in the performance of magnets:The full name of remanence is remanence induction intensity, which refers to the magnetic induction intensity exhibited by a magnet when it is saturated with an external magnetic field in a closed circuit environment and then removed from the external magnetic field.In layman's terms, remanence is the magnetic strength of a magnet after magnetization.Residual magnetism abbreviation: BrResidual magnetic units: measured in mT milliteslas and Gs Gauss.2、 Magnetic induction coercivity performance of magnets:The value of the reverse magnetic field strength required to reduce the magnetic induction intensity to zero when a magnet is in a technically saturated state during reverse magnetization is called magnetic coercivityIn layman's terms, a magnetized magnet requires a reverse ma



Analysis of Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones

The concept of "wireless charging" sounds very cool, and the impact it brings seems to be no less than mobile phones replacing landline, digital replacing film, and WiFi replacing network cables. As soon as we see the word "wireless", we can't help but associate it with words like "free from constraints" and "freedom". However, seemingly cool wireless charging is not complicated in terms of technical principles, as Tesla, a scientist 100 years ago, had already proposed an idea. At present, the working mode of the vast majority of wireless chargers is that the coil in the charging head rotates to drive the back coil of the phone to rotate, thereby generating electricity.Advantages of wireless charging① Stronger sense of technologyCompared to traditional wired charging methods, wireless charging is undoubtedly more cool. It does not require a long data cable to be inserted into the phone. When charging, simply place the phone on the charging board and remove it directly when fully ch


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