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Where are ferrite multipole magnetic steels mainly used?

Time:2023-09-18 Views:1

Most multi-stage magnetic rings are used for brushless Hall induction components in brushless motor motors, but the production and processing process of permanent magnet ferrite magnets is much more complex than rare earth neodymium iron boron strong magnets. laymen believe that the production process of permanent magnet ferrite magnets is simpler than neodymium iron boron strong magnets. In fact, this is a wrong view because they do not understand the production process of permanent magnet ferrite magnets and rare earth neodymium iron boron strong magnets.

The production and processing technology of neodymium iron boron magnets in the Pearl River Delta region is mostly a post processing manufacturer, which directly purchases raw materials from material suppliers and processes them into finished magnet products. From the perspective of processing and production technology, it can be divided into four main steps: purchasing raw materials, slicing, processing, producing, electroplating, and producing finished products. However, the actual production process is certainly not so simple, and we will not elaborate on them here, Manufacturers engaged in post processing all products are produced and processed according to customer needs. Magnets for motors are relatively troublesome. Wire cutting is often used to produce motor magnetic bearings, and producing radial magnetic rings for motors is more complicated than producing neodymium iron boron motor magnetic bearings. It is necessary to first cut them into square blocks and then perform square rolling. After completing the rolling process, holes need to be drilled, Because the inner hole in the middle of the radial magnetic ring needs to be matched with the actual shaft, the accuracy tolerance requirement is relatively high. After drilling the hole, manual chamfering is required. After chamfering, electroplating can be carried out, and after electroplating, magnetization can be carried out for shipment.