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Strong magnets

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What is the magnet? Magnetic is an object or material that can produce a magnetic field. It has the characteristics of attracting metal such as iron, nickel, and cobalt. It can be traditionally divided into "permanent magnets" and "non -permanent magnets".

Permanent magnets can be a natural product, also known as natural magnets, and can also be made by artificially (the strongest magnet is the iron boron magnet). Instead of permanent magnets, magneticity will be lost.

The ancient Greeks and the Chinese found that there was a natural magnetized stone in nature, which was called "iron -absorbing stone". This stone can suck small pieces of iron -like, and always point in the same direction after setting up. Early navigators used this magnet as their earliest compass to distinguish the direction at sea.

After thousands of years of development, magnets have become an indispensable functional material in our lives today. The alloy of different materials through advanced powder metallurgical process can achieve and exceed the effect of iron absorption, and it can also maximize the magnetic force. Artificial magnets appeared in the 18th century, but the process of making higher magnetic materials was very slow. Until the 1920s, aluminum nickel cobalt (Alnico) was created. Subsequently, Ferrite was manufactured in 1948, and in the 1970s, the Rare Earth Magnet [SMCO) was born. magnet. At this point, the physical magnetic technology has developed rapidly, and strong magnetic materials have made the components more small. In 1999, Zibo Shengjin Magnetic broke through the industry precedent with the independent combination of 13000GS rare earth strong magnets, and soon promoted in the industry. China's rare earth magnetic industry has ushered in the new world of rapid development.