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Solution for customers not paying a deposit for customized magnets

Time:2023-09-18 Views:1

In response to the above situation and in order to prevent accidents, we must require customers to make a deposit in advance. If customers do not agree to make a deposit in advance, we must not hastily produce, especially ferrite magnets, because ferrite magnets are different from neodymium iron boron strong magnets. The production of ferrite magnets requires molds to achieve production, and a small production volume will be a very troublesome matter. Once customers cancel the order, So the products produced cannot be sold and can only be used for backlog or destroyed for re production.

If the customer insists on not paying the deposit, our only solution is to cancel the order. In the absence of a deposit, the risk of hastily producing ferrite magnets is greater than the actual benefits obtained. The most rational scenario is to persuade the customer to pay the deposit, send samples for confirmation after the goods are ready, and arrange for delivery and receipt of the remaining payment after confirming the samples.