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Most magnetic materials

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Most magnetic materials can be transported to saturated along the same direction, which is called "magnetic direction" (direction direction). The magnetic nature of the magnetic (also called the same -sex magnet) without the direction (also known as the same -sex magnet) is much weaker than the magnetic magnet of the orientation magnet (also known as the heterosexual magnet).

What is a standard "North and South Pole" industrial definition?

The definition of "Arctic" is that the North Pole of the Arctic is pointing to the Arctic of the Earth after rotating at random rotation. Similarly, the Antarctica of the magnet also points to the Antarctica of the Earth.

How to distinguish the North Pole of the magnet without labeling?

Obviously, the eyes are not distinguished. You can use the guideline needle to be close to the magnet, and the pointer pointed to the Earth's North Pole will point to the Antarctic of the magnet.

How to handle and store magnets safely?

Always be very careful, because the magnet will adsorb together, and may hurt your fingers. When the magnet is adsorbed by each other, it may also damage the magnet itself due to collision (touching the corner or cracking).

Stay magnets away from items that are easily magnetized, such as floppy disks, credit cards, computer monitors, watches, mobile phones, medical devices, etc.

The magnet should be far from the pacemaker.

The larger -sized magnet, a plastic or hard paper pad should be added between each piece to ensure that the magnet can be easily separated.