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Introduction to the Application of Hall Sensing in Multipole Sintered Ferrite Magnets

Time:2023-09-18 Views:1

Huoran induction magnet is mainly used for precision motor speed control, and the characteristic of the magnet is mainly to use the induction of the N and S poles of the magnet, so the magnet is basically a magnetizing method of 2-26 poles. The outer diameter is generally between 4mm and 30mm, and the shaft hole may vary depending on the customer's usage.

Our company's Hall induction multipole ferrite magnets mainly have outer diameter magnetization and flat surface magnetization methods, and there are also various materials, such as ceramic ferrite, rare earth neodymium iron boron, injection molding magnets, etc.

The performance of a ferrite multipole magnetic ring cannot be measured by the surface magnetism of the product, nor can the performance of a product be tested by the surface magnetism of the ferrite multipole magnetic ring. This is because the ferrite multipole magnetic ring itself belongs to a product with magnetic pole differentiation, and the same product will detect different surface magnetism due to different number of charged poles. Therefore, to test whether a ferrite multipole magnetic ring is qualified, product performance testing must be conducted.