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Do you want to produce customized ferrite cutting magnets without paying a deposit

Time:2023-09-18 Views:1

What are the hidden dangers of customers not paying a deposit for customized magnets?

1. The order has been cancelled midway through production

Without any reason, I don't want it anymore and I won't be able to contact you again. You can produce it. After production, put it in the warehouse and wait for the Chinese New Year!

2. Don't refuse after arrival

It is said that people stand firm without faith, but in this society, there are always people who do not want to deliver goods, especially those from other places, which is even more troublesome. So all losses are borne by the company.

3. Find cheaper suppliers

I have a colleague who paid a 10% deposit of only a few hundred yuan in advance. In the end, I found a cheaper one and decided not to accept it. In the end, I had to sell it at a low price.